Rabbi Jeffrey Kurtz-Lendner

Thank you for being part of Beth Israel Congregation! We are delighted to welcome you into our spiritual home where you can embark on an amazing journey of Jewish exploration.

What makes our congregation so spectacular? Is it our inspiring services? Well, that’s a part of it. Is it our phenomenal religious school? That is also a part of it. Is it our active Sisterhood and Men’s Club? Yet two more parts of our greatness. What about our social events, adult education, and general feelings of support for our community and for each other? These are also several more contributing factors.

The true reason why you are about to become involved with a spectacular congregation is YOU. You—our members—make us spectacular. That’s because nothing is more important in our congregation than our members. Every member is valued here. Whether you come to our annual bazaar or our congregational dinners, whether you donate time or invest financial resources, whether you pray regularly or attend adult education classes—we appreciate your participation and commitment however you define it. We value your involvement on any and every level. Our job as a congregation is to offer a range of opportunities to create entries for your Jewish journey. Your job is to find which opportunities you find meaningful and to share ideas to create new opportunities.

Thank you so much for being part of our congregation. That is the critical reason why our congregation is so important, that reason being YOU.